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Rock RMS Integration

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Gloo integrates with a number of systems and tools to provide users with the best access and utility from Gloo’s capabilities.  Gloo uses the Rock RMS API to integrate with Rock data. By importing Rock Data View as a Gloo Audience, users can create any Data View in Rock (for example, individuals that are new records in the last 3 months) and automatically import that view as an Audience in Gloo to take full advantage of Gloo’s Insights and Activation capabilities.


Preparing your Rock API Key 

In order to successfully import data from Rock into Insights you need an API Key with access to your giving and reporting data. The following steps will help you achieve that.

  1. Log into Rock
  2. Hover over the Toolbox icon on the left hand side
  3. Click Security
  4. Click REST Keys
    • Create a new REST Key by clicking the button on the lower right corner
    • Name the REST Key something easy to remember like "Gloo Integration"
    • Click Save
  5. Hover over the Toolbox icon on the left hand side
  6. Click Security
  7. Click the Security Roles button
  8. Click on RSR - Rock Administration
  9. Click the + button on the lower right corner
  10. In the Search field type the name you assigned to the REST API key
  11. Click Save

Connecting to Rock

The platform can connect with Rock and import Data Views as audiences in Gloo

  1. Go to the Insights > Audiences.  If you have the correct permissions to import data from Rock, you will see a Rock Import pane on the left:
  2. In the platform under Rock API Key enter the Rest Key found or created within your Rock CMS. This will enable permission to export Data Views.
  3. Enter the Rock Platform Domain.  This is the URL of the the Rock instance you want to connect to.  This information is cached and should only need to be entered once, although it can be changed if you work with more than one Rock instance.
  4. Select ‘Connect to Rock’ button on the Insights platform. This will connect to Rock and enable your list of Data Views.

Importing Rock Data View as a Gloo Audience

  1. To upload an audience into the Gloo platform from Rock navigate to the Rock import section located in “Create a New Audience” just below where the connection was established in steps 1-5 above.
  2. Create an Audience name for example All Volunteer Leaders  
  3. Assign it to a Location.
  4. A dropdown will populate with all Data Views in Rock that are accessible with the provided Rock API Key. Enter the Rock Audience you’d like to import into Gloo Insights.
  5. Select the ‘Import Audience’ button to import the records from Rock.

This process takes 30-90 seconds. The new uploaded Rock audience can be found in the Audiences list.

You now have full access to all of Gloo’s capabilities for your audience.


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