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The Audience Builder lets you define a set of consumers from within the Gloo Insights dataset based on a specific location (address), a radius from that location, and filters based on specific attributes. These Audiences can then be used to generate Insights in the Gloo Platform or to activate (e.g. send to Facebook for a digital campaign or export for a direct mail campaign).




Building an Audience in Audience Builder

We recommend a minimum audience size of 10,000 and ideally 20,00+ for Facebook ad campaigns in order to achieve your goals.


  1. Click Audience Builder from the top menu
  2. From the sidebar on the left, click the "Location" drop-down and set an Audience Location
    • Locations can be an address, city, state or ZIP code
    • Example: the location of your existing church or a proposed new site
  3. Click and drag the slider under "Radius" to set a radius from your location
    • It can be anywhere from 1 to 50 miles
    • You can only set a radius if you use an exact address
    • When you set a radius, your Audience size (in the upper left) is updated to reflect your selection
  4. From the main Audience Builder area, click to make selections for Audience Filters
    • The sidebar on the left can be used to locate filters in the main Audience Builder area
    • As attributes are added, the combination of selections appear at the top of the screen (this section can be scrolled horizontally if there are many selections)
    • When you set filters, your Audience size (in the upper left) is updated to reflect your selections
  5. When you're finished, click the Save Audience button in the top right save-audience-button.png
  6. Enter an Audience Name and set a Location (the Organization associated with your Audience) then click the blue Create Audience button create-audience-button.png


Where should I save the Audience I build?

Audiences you build are not comprised of proprietary data specific to your Organization, but the Audiences you build should be saved in the same Organization that will be using the Audience in either Reports or in Audiences. Name Audiences in a way that is easily identifiable, with details such as date, filter, or type. The date format and spacing are up to you.


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