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Connecting with the Facebook API


Gloo Insights has a direct connection to Facebook using the Facebook API. This allows you to export an Audience you've created in Gloo Insights to Facebook for Audience activation. Once exported, your Gloo Insights Audiences can be activated just like any other Audience in Facebook for an Ad campaign. 

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In order to activate a Gloo Insights Audience on Facebook, you must:

  • Create and save an Audience in Gloo Insights using Audience Builder or Maps
  • Have Administrator Access in Gloo Insights (contact your Gloo CSM if you need help)
  • Establish a Business Manager account with access to Ads Manager on Facebook (you will need your Facebook login and password)
There are several levels of access to Facebook Business Accounts. Business Manager is the only level of access that will allow you to successfully complete an Audience Activation. Click here to learn more about Facebook Business Manager Roles.
  • Establish a connection between Gloo Insights and Facebook in Activation Platforms


Connecting Your Facebook Ad Account

  1. Log in to and click the gear icon
  2. Click Admin
  3. Click the Activation Platforms tab
  4. Click the Connect Activation Platform button on the right connect-activation-platform-blue.png
  5. Select the Organization that you want to activate an audience from, and select the activation platform to establish the connection to
  6. Click the green Connect Activation Platform button connect-activation-platform-button.png
    • If you aren't already, you'll be prompted to sign in to Facebook with gloo_insights_marketing
  7. Type in your Facebook Business Manager credentials for the account you want to send Audiences to, then click the Log In button
    • You'll be prompted to allow permissions to Manage your ads, Access your Facebook ads and related stats and Access your Page and App insights
  8. Leave all three permissions enabled, and click the OK button
    • You'll be returned to Insights with a new field called "Select Facebook Ad Account"
  9. Select which Facebook Page you want Audiences to be exported to
  10. Click the link click here to accept the Facebook Custom Audience Terms for Gloo and accept the terms, then close that browser tab
  11. Click the green Connect Activation Platform button to complete the connectionconnect-activation-platform-button.png
    • When completed, you will see the following:facebook-confirmation.png
    • If you receive an error please contact us
Please note the Connection Expiration Date—you will have to reconnect to Facebook when this connection expires.

The next step after connecting your Facebook Ad Account is to Activate an Audience.

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