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Activating an Audience


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Once a connection has been established between Gloo Insights and Facebook a custom Audience can be exported into Facebook for activation. If you haven't connected your Gloo Insights account to Facebook yet, click here.



In order to activate a Gloo Insights Audience on Facebook, you must:

  • Create and save an Audience in Gloo Insights using Audience Builder or Maps
  • Have Administrator Access in Gloo Insights (contact your Gloo CSM if you need help)
  • Establish a Business Manager account with access to Ads Manager on Facebook (you will need your Facebook login and password)
  • Establish a connection between Gloo Insights and Facebook in Activation Platforms


Activating an Audience

Once a connection has been established between Insights and Facebook, a custom Audience can be exported to Facebook for activation.
  1. Log in to
  2. Click Audiences from the top menu
  3. Find the audience you want to export from the list, or search for it by typing the Audience Name and Location
  4. Under the "Activate" column, next to the Audience name, click the lightning bolt icon
    • If there is no lightning bolt icon, the Audience has already been activated
  5. In the pop-up window, click Facebook then click the Next button


    • Audiences can currently only be activated on Facebook, but soon you will be able to activate your audience across several platforms and channels
  6. Select the Facebook Ads Account you want to send the Audience to
  7. Review the populated information for Audience Size Estimated Match Rate, CPM, and Total Audience Cost and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then click the Place Order button. To learn more about how you are billed for Audience Activations, click here.


  8. You will receive confirmation that your Audience has been sent to Facebook and can click the button Go to Facebook Ads to create an advertising campaign in Facebook
All data associated with the composition of any Audience created from data supplied by Gloo or any of its partners is for the sole purpose of fulfilling this order. The data cannot be resold and is for your account's sole use on a one-off basis. You will be charged upon distribution of the Audience.

Finding Your Audience in Facebook

  1. Sign in to your church FB Business Manager
  2. Click the hamburger icon in the top left corner
  3. Click Audiences under the Assets section

The Gloo audience will appear here with the same name. The size will show as "Not available". If you see a blue Accept Terms button, click it to ensure you are ready to use the Audience in a campaign

While creating an Ad in Ads Manager, under Audience, click in the search bar where it says Custom Audiences and then select the Gloo audience you activated.

To learn more about how you are billed for Audience Activations, click here

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