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Purpose of Motivations

Motivations gives you a snapshot into what matters most in people’s lives, which can inform your messaging, outreach, and overall services approach. It’s essentially the why behind the who, and enhances your understanding of, and ability to engage with your audience.




Available Motivations

  • Religious Identity
  • Social Influence
  • Continuous Learning
  • Financial Optimism
  • Family Orientation
  • Appearance Aspiration
  • Cultural Connection
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Novelty Aspiration
  • Tech Disposition
  • Natural Preference
  • Environmentalism
  • Health Commitment


To read a short description about each Motivation, click on the information icon i_icon.png on the top right of each card in the main window.


How to Use Motivations

Motivations segments your audience into three brackets (low, medium, high) relative to the specific motivation you are viewing.

There are a few key things to understand about how to use Motivations and although the "Low," "Medium," and "High," can mean different things for different Motivations, let's start by broadly defining each bracket.

  • Low: This audience is unlikely to be moved to action for this particular motivation and may be more impacted by the opposite.
  • Medium: This audience will not be significantly impacted by this motivation one way or the other. There is nothing to do to activate on this particular audience.
  • High: This audience is likely to be moved to action for this particular motivation.

Motivations is not a scale to try to move someone along, but a way to identify the best way to engage a particular audience.

It is normal when viewing a Motivations for large portions of your Audience to be in Medium on many of the Motivations. No audience will render large, actionable percentages for every Motivation. The objective of Motivations is to gain insight into the things that inspire your community so you can find better ways to connect.

This tool is designed to enlighten and focus your efforts to inspire and connect with your audience.


Exploring Motivations

Before clicking on the Motivation you want to explore, first confirm that you have selected the Audience you want to explore Motivations for from the drop-down menu at the top of the left sidebar.

To dig in, either click the grey down arrow motivation-next-section.png at the bottom-center of the main area to scroll through them in order or click a Motivation card to jump down to that section. You can click Motivations from the list in the left sidebar to navigate between the sections too!
Each Motivation section will include a full description and data on how your selected Audience is distributed in the Motivation.




In each individual Motivation section, you can click “Low” or “High” to better understand that facet of your Audience.

At the top of the image you will find two buttons that will provide valuable insight into the selected Audience Segment.

  • How to Connect will give you information on what they might respond to.
  • What they Want will give you insight into their priorities and motivations.

Contact us to learn more or get assistance with using the Motivations Page.

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