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Purpose of Answers

Answers allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your Audience by giving you the Answers to the questions you care about as well as strategies for connecting.




To access Answers, click Insights from the top menu, then click Answers from the drop-down.




There are currently 6 Answers to critical questions about your Audience:

  • Who are my potential leaders
  • Who are most likely to serve
  • Who are my potential marriage mentors
  • Which marriages may need help
  • Who has recently moved into the area
  • Who has an interest in child advocacy


To read a short description about each Answer, click on the information icon i_icon.png on the top right of each card in the main window.



Exploring Answers

To dig in, either click the grey down arrow motivation-next-section.png at the bottom-center of the main area to scroll through them in order or click an Answer card to jump down to that section. You can click Answers from the list in the left sidebar to navigate between the sections too! Each Answers section will include a full description and data on how your selected Audience is distributed in the Answers. 

Before clicking on the Answer you want to explore, first confirm that you have selected the Audience you want the Answers for from the drop-down menu at the top of the left sidebar.



Answer Cards

Each Answers Card displays three valuable pieces of information:

  1. The number of likely matches based on the Audience selected
  2. An explanation of the characteristics usually present in this group
  3. Strategies for how to connect with these individuals





Custom Answers

In addition to the powerful built-in Answers, we can work with you to build additional models based on the specific needs of your Organization. Contact your Champion Success Manager to learn more.

  • Who is likely to leave or disengage
    • This custom model can help identify individuals and families who are likely to disengage with your church
    • You'll need at least 6 months of attendee data and identified records of those who have disengaged from your church
  • Data science services
    • Custom analytical services to help you make better decisions and move your ministry forward
    • Contact us for further assistance with custom analytics
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