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What is the Pulse Report?

The Pulse Report is a dashboard that compares the distribution of givers in your church across various “bands” of giving amounts to the dollars each band represents in total funds.


The Pulse Report is organized into four interactive panels:

  • Givers / Giving
  • Ministry Fund Analysis
  • Giving Band Analysis
  • New and Lapsed Givers



Customizing the Pulse Report

Pulse Report Timeframe

The Pulse Report supports a four-year time frame, based on a 12-month window. The date range selector at the top of the sidebar on the left allows you to select whether you'd like to view reporting by a Trailing 12 Month window from the current month or by Calendar Year.


Funds included in Analytics

The reports will include all Funds in the categories selected in the left sidebar. To select which of the three Fund Categories are active, click the checkbox next to that Fund.

  • To edit which Funds are included in each Fund Category, click the Edit button next to the Fund Category list to be redirected to the Funds Admin tab.


Only users with Role permission to edit/recategorize Funds will see the Edit button.





The Givers/Giving Panel

This report provides you with a detailed breakdown of contributions to your organization.

  • Giver Data
    • Giver data represents giving bands by the number of families who have charitably given.
  • Giving Data
    • Giving data breaks the same information out by the percentage of donations that are given by people with annual donations of various size bands.


Both sections summarize charitable giving data for the 12-month period in the drop-down menu above the "Givers" heading. Click the drop-down menu above the "Givers" heading to change the reporting year.





Ministry Fund Analysis

This report provides context to your Ministry Fund by displaying a rolling four years organized by:

  • Total Ministry Giving
  • Total Givers
  • Average Total Annual Giving


Click on a row in the report to see the data visualized in the graph.




Giving Band Analysis

This report gives you insight into how many Givers are giving in a particular donation band annually. Click on a row in the report to see the data visualized in the graph.





New and Lapsed Givers

This report provides invaluable insight into who in your organization is giving that wasn't giving before, as well as who has stopped giving. Click on a row in the report to see the Giver and Giving data visualized by category.



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