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Retained Givers

About the Retained Givers Report

Retained givers provide the stability that you can build upon for a healthy future. They represent your ability to engage with your donors and nurture them through a growing financial commitment. They can also signal a loss of message or focus if you notice dropping levels of giving, even though they remain active. These tables help you monitor the impact of your efforts to communicate with and keep your donors engaged.

Customizing Your Report

Retained Givers Report Timeframe

The Retained Givers Report supports a four year time frame, based on a 12-month window.

The date range selector on the left-hand side of the screen allows users to select whether they’d like to view reporting by calendar year or by 12-month sliding window from the current month.

Funds included in Analytics

The reports will include all Funds in the categories selected in the left sidebar.

To select which of the three Fund Categories are active, click the checkbox next to that fund.

  • To edit which funds are included in each Fund Category, click the ‘Edit’ button next to the Fund Category list to be redirected to the ‘Funds’ Admin tab.

Only users with Role permission to edit/recategorize Funds will see the ‘Edit’ button.

Click on a giving band to see a dynamic chart for that specific data set.


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