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Activations Billing FAQ

When will I get my bill?

Gloo bills for Audience Activation in arrears the first week of the month. This means that if you Activate an Audience on the 13th and 26th of January, you will see both activations on your bill in the first week of February.

How is the cost of a Facebook Activation calculated?

  • Audience Size: How many people are in the Audience built in the Gloo Platform.
  • Cost per Thousand (CPM): Cost per thousand, also called "cost per mille", is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 impressions.
  • Total Audience Cost: This is the total price to push this audience to Facebook Business Manager.

Can I use an Audience that I have pushed to Facebook more than once?

  • Yes. Once the audience is pushed to Facebook, it will exist as a Custom Audience under the Audiences tab in Facebook Business Manager. You are only charged for the initial push to Facebook. The audience can be used as many times as you want throughout your agreement with Gloo.

Under this agreement, you are licensing this data so we ask that the Audience is removed from your Facebook Business Manager at the end of your agreement with Gloo. You can read the terms of service here.

How will I be billed?

An invoice will be emailed to the individual identified as the billing contact on your agreement. The invoice will show the Audience Name(s) and Location(s) as well as the total price.

The payment will be withdrawn from your payment method on file. (credit card or ACH)

Will I be billed for a failed Audience Activation?

No. One of the reasons we bill in arrears is so we can validate that all Activations were successful.

How will I be billed for a Facebook Campaign?

Your Facebook campaign will be billed directly through Facebook and can be managed through your Facebook Business Manager Account.

How will I be billed for a Direct Mail Audience?

You will see any Direct Mail Audience charges on your invoice along with any Facebook/Instagram Audiences you may have done. You will be charged $85 per thousand (CPM) after we have "de-duped" (removed any duplicates) your Direct Mail Audience. We only charge for the final, accurate Audience count.

Does "De-Duping" affect my Direct Mail Audience size?

Yes, you can expect anywhere from  40-60% reduction in your audience size after we have completed the process. You will want to account for that when creating your Direct Mail Audience. For example, if you save an audience of 10,000 individuals, you can expect 4,000-6,000 in the audience after de-duping at the household level.

Does the $85 CPM charge for Direct Mail Activations include mailing expenses?

No. After we have prepared the Audience we send it to our direct mail provider, Outreach. They handle the printing, postage and sorting for the Mail Campaign. You will be billed directly from them for this final stage of the process.

What can I expect from Outreach’s billing process?

Outreach requires payment in advance by credit, debit, or check. Billing arrangements can be made on a case by case basis with Outreach directly. Reach out to you Champion Success Manager for more information about Outreach.

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