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Using Explore Data

About Explore Data

The Explore Data feature in Church Analytics gives you the ability to see the raw data behind the Church Analytics reports. You can use it to see the individuals, families and organizations that are donors in your organization. You can export this data in a CSV format or Create an Audience to send to Insights for further learning and outreach capabilities.

Not all organizations and users have access to see individual giving data in Explore Data. If you have questions reach out to your Champion Success Manager or Generis Consultant.

Getting to Explore Data

There are several ways to get to Explore Data.

  • Click on Insights on the top menu bar and click Explore Data
    • Accessing it this way brings you to a complete, unfiltered database of all Donors in your organization
  • Click on the CA-Explore_Data.png Button on the top left of every report
    • Accessing Explore Data this way automatically filters the Donor database to match the criteria of the report you are viewing
  • Click the Explore Data button from the Church Analytics Organization Admin Page
    • Accessing it this way brings you to a complete, unfiltered database of all Givers in your organization


Exploring Your Data



Click on the carrot on the top left of the window to expand the search filters tab.

You can Filter your Giver data by Giving Band, Giver Type, Reporting Year and Generosity. The table will change automatically as you select the filters that you want applied. Click on the carrot to close the filters tab.

Once you have targeted the Givers you are interested in, you can click the CSV button to export the list or you can click the Create Audience button.

CA_Explore_Data_10_19.png width="100%" height="auto">

Creating an Audience

  1. Click Create Audience
  2. A card will pop up with the Name of the Church, the number matched households, and the Audience name. You can click on the name field to rename the audience, when you are ready, click Create
    • Note: in order to create an audience, the audience must be able to match at least 30 individuals.
  3. Click Audiences on the menu bar to find your audience
  4. Now that you have created your audience you can learn more about your congregation in Reports. Learn more here


If you would like to see Giver giving at an even more detailed level, click on a name in the table to open a side panel with that Giver's history. In this panel you can view the total about given, the year over year and month over month giving history as well as each individual donation date.




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