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Importing Data From Church Community Builder to Church Analytics

Purpose of Connecting with Church Community Builder

Using Church Analytics, you can keep a near-real-time view of generosity reports at arm’s reach. Our system is designed to connect directly to your Church Community Builder (CCB) database. Set it up once, and we’ll take care of regular data sync between the two systems.


Once you have everything needed, this process normally takes about 10 minutes. You only have to do it once.


What You Need

  • Your CCB domain
    • i.e.
  • A CCB account (username and password)
    • You either need to be a System Administrator for your church or have permissions to assign APIs to Security Roles
  • A Church Analytics account (username and password)



 Connecting CCB to Church Analytics

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner then click on API
  2. Click the Add a new API User button
  3. Enter the details for a new user, Enter the details for a new user, then switch to the services tab to allow access to the proper areas of the database
    • The credentials you create here will be an account that Church Analytics will use for connecting to your CCB church and donor data. We suggest that you use a username such as “Church Analytics”, “Generis User”, or “Gloo User”. Create a username and password and be sure to record them -- you’ll need these in a few minutes.
    • Click the Services tab, and either “Select All” or select individual services as follows:
        • batch_profiles
        • batch_profiles_in_date_range
        • campus_list
        • campus_profile
        • individual_profiles
        • individual_profile_from_id
        • transaction_detail_type_list
          • Note: These API services must be a perfect match for a successful integration. Please double check that you are clicking the correct boxes as many look very similar.

  4. On the Gloo Data Intake Site, fill in the requested fields for you Organization
    • Select Church Community Builder from the list at the bottom of the form
    • Full Domain, Username, and Password created above
  5. Click Submit
  6. Click Here To open the Gloo Data Intake Form


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