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Comparing Audiences

The Reports feature in Insights allows you to compare any two Audiences you have created side by side giving you insight into how your audience is similar or different from other audiences or the US National Average as well as how best to communicate with and engage the people you are trying to reach.

If you haven't yet created an Audience click here to learn more.


Standard Reports

Standard Reports provides an easy way to view your Audience through a variety of lenses:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Motivations
  • Demographics
  • Marriage and Family
  • Personal Finance
  • Philanthropy

You can also build Custom Reports with the Audience Filters that matter to you. Learn more here


Comparing Audiences



  1. From the Insights Tab hover over Standard Reports or Custom Reports and Select the report you would like to view
  2. Click on the Dialog Box on the top of the left sidebar
  3. Select the Audience you wish to view
    • At this point, you can view your Audience filtered through the selected report
  4. Click the Compared To Check Box right below the top dialog box
  5. Click on the second Dialog Box on the left sidebar
  6. Select the Audience you wish to compare to
    • You can also Select US National Average
  7. Now you will see two sets of data represented in the report. The first will be teal and the second will be grey
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