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Some Audience Filters in Insights are pretty self explanatory. Some, not so much. This document exists to provide simple and accessible definitions to some of the less straightforward terms in our platform. If you don't find what you are looking for, click the Contact Us button on the top right corner of the screen.

Spiritual Styles:


These individuals identify with, and want to maintain their religious traditions and beliefs. They desire quality time with family and friends as they live a long and meaningful life. They're motivated by opportunities to care for the physical health and spiritual practices of their family.


These individuals tend to be more focused on family, stability, and familiarity over discovery and new ideas. They frequently read the Bible and are motivated by opportunities to maintain the legacy they've built. They want control of their financial situation, and to feel a sense of consistency. They want to pass their faith and wisdom down to their family.


These individuals are still shaping what their faith may become. They tend to be new to their church. They're open to scripture, but don't look to it as a source of direction for life decisions. They're more interested in an intellectual approach to faith and new ideas and experiences over the religious traditions they may have grown up with.


These individuals respect traditional values, and want to engage in activities that give their lives a sense of purpose. They feel a calling to serve their community or church, but they are not necessarily financially strong, which makes them more likely to give of their time than their money. They likely have an emotional tie to their specific church, and this commitment may even surpass their commitment to faith.


These individuals are rooted in their relationships with family, community, and friends. They often feel close to God when they gather with those who share a similar faith. They don't have a strong identity in religious traditions, but they want opportunities to discuss them. They want to keep life moving forward, and to experience new things. They take calculated risks, and want more experiences with friends and family.


Spiritual Posture:


Members of this group are likely to self identify as atheist, agnostic, or to say their religion is “nothing in particular”. While some of this audience might be antagonistic toward religion, many would be better categorized as ambivalent.

Spiritual but not Religious

Members of this group are likely to demonstrate low levels of religious observance, like church attendance, but are also likely to say faith is important to them.

Exploring Faith

Members of this group are likely to feel drawn toward faith. They are likely to question if connecting with a church worth the emotional effort, and are likely to be repelled by negative perceptions of the church.

Committed to Faith

Members of this group are likely to believe that faith satisfies their emotional desires and are likely to attend religious services regularly.



Generation Z

Born 1997-Present


Born 1981 - 1996

Generation X

Born 1965 - 1980

Baby Boomers

Born 1946 - 1964

Silent Generation

Born 1928 - 1945

Family Dynamics

Likely to have a Marriage in Need

Members of this group are highly likely to be considering divorce based off their similarities with those who have recently become divorced.

Likely to have a Growing Family

Members of this group are likely expecting a new child based off their similarities with other expecting parents.


Members of this group are likely to be unmarried adults living with one or more unmarried, unrelated adults of a different gender.

Financial & Philanthropic

Altruist Index

A demographic based analytical model which predicts the likelihood of an individual to have a moral obligation to help others.

Philanthropy By Category

An individual within the household completed a survey indicating they donate to <category> causes.

High Christian Belief

The High Christian Belief filter shows the possibility of strong and active Christian ideals. People in this filter might attend religious services regularly, frequently reflect on scripture, or donate to religious organizations.

We suggest using this filter to Invite people to Sunday services, or to invite them to give at your church or donate to causes that your church is promoting. Or, you can combine High Christian Belief with spiritual styles to further refine your audience.

High Prayer

Individuals of this group have a great deal of faith in prayer and agree it's an important part of their daily life

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