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Configuring Your Assessment

This article will walk you through how to select and configure an Assessment.

To begin, log into and click Assessments on the navigation bar.


You can learn more about each Assessment here. Hover over the Assessment you want to explore, click Learn More.



When you have decided which Assessment suites your needs, click the Configure New Assessment button on the top right corner of the window.

The Configure Assessment Tool has five main elements. Configure, Preview, Share, Activity and Analyze.





The Configure tab is where you define the rules of your Assessment deployment.

  1. Every Assessment requires a start date and time. This will define when your participants will be able to participate in the Assessment. The End field is optional, however, if you do not set an end date, users will be able to take the Assessment and impact the data at any point in the future.
  2. Choose whether you want contact information RequiredOptional, or Anonymous
    • Note: Contact information includes: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address and phone number.
  3. At the end of the Assessment you can direct your participants to Next Steps. Toggle Provide a Next Step to Your Participants, then click the Pencil icon to customize the Name, Description, Link, and Button Label or your Next Step.
  4. In this window you will see a preview of what your Next Steps button will look like.
  5. The Custom Redirect field allows you to direct your participants to an external application to display custom results. This option will bypass any Next Steps that may be configured. Click Here to learn more.


 Custom Questions



Custom Questions Allows you to add up to 10 additional questions or text fields to the end of your Assessment Configuration. These additional questions will not impact the results of the official Assessment data you are collecting but can be a powerful and convenient way to learn more about your Assessment participants.

There are two types of question elements you can add

Instructions Question

The Instructions Question is an open text field where you can add instructions or additional information for the participant


Multiple Choice Questions

The Multiple Choice Question allows you to add a question or statement and allow the participant to select amongst a variety of different answers.



Adding Custom Questions

  1. Click the Add Question button and choose the question element you would like to add
  2. For Instructions Questions add the desired text and click Save
  3. For a Multiple Choice Question fill in the Question field and Options field
  4. Click Add Option to create additional Options fields
  5. Click the Trash Can icon to delete unwanted options
  6. Click Save




Click on the Preview tab to test your Assessment using the Hyperlink, SMS Onboarding flow, or QR code without impacting the data you are looking to collect.





The Share tab provides two options for easy deployment of your Assessment to your participants.

  • Share Through SMS allows you to share out a 4-16 character code and phone number that your audience can use to take the Assessment directly from their mobile device.
Currently the SMS functionality is only available in the United States.
An SMS code can only be associated with one Assessment at a time. As a result you will want to either have a strategy for tracking the codes you are using, or you can remove or change the code for an expired Assessment so you can use it again.
  • Share with a Link allows you to send a web link that can be used to take the assessment in any mobile or desktop based web browser.
  • Share with a QR Code creates a simple and delightful user experience for most participants with a smartphone.

Most android and iOS devices natively support QR codes which makes it a great option for onboarding people to the assessment. Just snap a picture with your camera app to open the link.



The Analyze tab allows you to monitor participation and engagement with your Assessments as well as view the aggregated results. It is organized in three sections: Activity Overview, Assessment Report, and Assessment Questions.


The Activity section allows you to monitor how many individuals have started, completed, and clicked through to Next Steps (if configured.)

  • Starts: How many participants clicked the Start Assessment button
  • Completions: How many participants have clicked the Continue button after answering all of the questions
  • Next Steps Clicks: If you provide your participants an option for next steps, this bar will track the number who click the provided link.



Next is the Assessment-specific report which provides instant, detailed visualization of the participation rates and the aggregated Assessment results including a question by question breakdown of the number and percentage of responses. Use this tool to gain deep, critical insight into the habits and beliefs of your Assessment participants. Click the Hamburger icon on the top right of each graph to expand, download, or export the data in a variety of ways. You can find explanations of many of the data points here.

You will not see any results until at least five people have completed the Assessment. The more completions, the better the data.




Lastly you can see the question by question breakdown of all Assessment questions as well as any questions you may have added. 

Some Assessment authors restrict the question by question breakdown. If you don't see it, thats why, but feel free to reach out if you have questions.


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