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Navigating Assessment Admin

Assessments Admin is your home base for selecting, configuring, and managing Assessments. This article will help you understand how to navigate the portal effectively.

There are four primary elements to Assessments Admin; Assessment Library, Assessment Details, Configure Assessments, and My Assessments.

Assessment Library

From here you can click on a tile to learn more about that particular Assessment as well as deployment information.





 Assessment Details

In Assessment details you can learn about a particular Assessment as well as deployment details.





Configure New Assessment

From Configure New Assessment you have the ability to customize, schedule and deploy an Assessment. To learn more about configuring your Assessment Click Here.





My Assessments

The My Assessments page allows you to see an overview of all current, pending and expired Assessments. You can click on an Assessment to go to the Configure Assessment page for that Assessment as well as click on the Configure New Assessment button to create a new Assessment Deployment.



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