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Connecting Realm ChMS to Church Analytics

Purpose of Importing Your Realm Data into Church Analytics

Using Church Analytics, you can keep a near-real-time view of generosity reports at arm’s reach. Our system is designed to extract relevant data from your Realm database to populate the reports in Church Analytics.


Creating an Account

We will take care of identifying and extracting the necessary data from your Realm database. In order to do so, we just need a few things from you:

  • The full Domain (web address) for your Realm database
  • An account created specifically for extracting the relevant data and importing it into Church Analytics
    • A new or existing email account that you have access to.
    • Password: It doesn't really matter what it is, just that we need it.
    • "Staff User" access level
      • This gives us access to reporting and giving data so we can create the reports we need in Church Analytics.

Sharing the Account With Gloo

Click Here To open the Gloo Data Intake Form

  1. Fill in all fields for your organization
  2. Click Provide Gloo Login Access to ChMS
  3. Fill in the Domain, Username and Password as identified above
  4. Click Submit

Once the connection between Realm ChMS and Church Analytics is complete, data will sync about every two weeks.

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