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Activation Services

With activation services, you can activate your Gloo data and get full-service digital-media campaign management, or request our ad creative services!

Campaign Management Services

Outsource your campaign strategy, planning, and execution to our expert team at Gloo and get hands-on service from a dedicated team of specialists.

Designed to help you get maximum marketing value, an activation specialist will fully manage your campaign strategy, set achievable goals, execute your campaign, and provide reporting so you can see what’s working.


  • A consultation to align goals and plan your campaign
  • Presentation of your campaign to key stakeholders to drive organizational alignment
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Implementation of technical elements for the campaign
  • Building, launching, measuring, and optimizing your campaign
  • End-to-end evaluation of campaign tactics and performance

Ad Creative Services

Reserve bandwidth from our internal design team for your other communications initiatives, and we'll develop data-driven ads for you based on the motivations and other key factors of your ideal audience.

When you pair ad creative with campaign management services, you get a complete, done-for-you digital marketing service.


  • One full ad-set, including three Facebook or Instagram image ads
  • Customized messaging based on campaign stage, such as initial touch or retargeting
  • Option for multiple ad sets in a single a-la-carte ad creative order


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