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Fund Categorization

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In order for Church Analytics to display your data as accurately and as thoroughly as possible it is critical that you take time to categorize your funds. This needs to be done after your data has been ingested into Church Analytics but before you begin analyzing the reports. 

Church Analytics organizes all giving Data into 3 primary Fund Categories:

  • General
  • Mission
  • Building

Additionally, you have the ability to omit certain Funds by using the Uncategorized option.

In some cases you may see expenses show up under your funds, use the Uncategorized option to omit them from your Church Analytics reports.


Depending on how your giving data is organized in your ChMS, you may need to manually categorize some or all of it to ensure the Church Analytics reports reflect the correct numbers.

If at first glance, the data visualized in the Church Analytics Reports doesn't look accurate, the Fund categorization is the most likely culprit.

Follow these instructions to view and change your Fund categories.

  1. From any Report in Church Analytics, click Edit on the left panel next to "Funds Included with Analytics"
  2. Click the Disclosure Triangle to view the list of funds in a Fund Category
  3. Click on a Fund to see the number of Givers, the total given, and the Category Selection Field
  4. Click the Category Selection Field to change the Fund Categorization
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