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Preparing Your Data for Church Analytics

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Church Analytics provides you with powerful, intuitive tools for understanding the giving trends in your church, however, data can be messy and in order for you to get the most out of Church Analytics we want to ensure your Church's data is organized and formatted in a way to ensure accuracy in our platform. This article will help you with that process.



Data Preparation

These are some things you can do before you submit your information on the Church Analytics Data Intake Form.

  • Expenses must be either removed or placed under the same fund with a clear label.
  • Church Analytics will only import closed/committed funds, funds must not only contain giving records but they must also be closed.
  • Individual givers must be assigned a unique giving number
  • If your church management system is not on our list of supported systems, you’ll submit a CSV file instead. Your file must contain the following fields exactly as written:
    • Fund
    • Transaction Amount
    • Transaction Date
    • Transaction Type
    • Individual id OR First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip
    • Transaction ID (Optional)
    • Family id (Optional)
    • Date of Birth (Optional)
    • Phone Number (Optional)
    • Email (Optional)
  • Please refer to this template to properly format your csv file data.

Multi-Campus Churches

  • Funds and givings must be categorized by campus.
  • If your church management system doesn’t support multiple locations, Church Analytics will use the church name and location of the main campus.
  • If your church management system doesn't support multiple locations, we will use the Church name as the location name.
  • If your church management system does support multiple campuses, individuals must be assigned to the correct campus, otherwise they will default to the primary campus.



Reasons For Missing Data

  • Locations will only be seen in Church Analytics if there is giving data associated with that specific location.
  • If you delete an individual with a giving history, their giving data will appear as an anonymous giver.
  • If missing individual id, or name/address -> they will be brought in as anonymous giver.
  • If your funds haven't been closed or committed, they will most likely not be imported into Church Analytics.
  • If fund has no giving records assigned to it, it will not be imported.


Is everything looking good? Click here to learn what to do next.


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