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Getting Started with REVEAL Premium Assessments

We are excited to support you in better knowing and growing your people. You now have access to a library of expert-validated assessments available through the Gloo platform, including REVEAL Premium assessments.

Ready to get started with REVEAL for Church? First, browse through the sequence of events below, then click the links for more information to complete each step.

How to get started:

Configure Survey

Select your survey start and end dates. Many churches provide a 2-week window for their congregation to take the survey.

Promote Survey

Start communicating with your church that this survey is coming up! We suggest you start promotion 2- 4 weeks before your survey starts.

Share Survey

Share in multiple ways: use the URL link in emails or on devices (tablets, laptops) set-up in the lobby; a SMS or QR code shown on a slide before/after services and during announcements, on bulletins or cards handed out by greeters or left on congregants’ seats.

Request Full Report

After your survey period has ended, it is time to request your full comprehensive report. Upon submitting your request, your full report will be delivered to your email address within 5-7 business days.

Sign up for Your One Hour Consultation

Your REVEAL Premium subscription includes a one-hour consultation with Cally Parkinson, REVEAL expert, to walk you and your team in-depth through your report results.

Optional: Custom Questions

You can add up to 10 custom questions to any assessment on the Gloo platform. If you would like more insight into how your congregants feel about different aspects of your church.


Learn more about other assessments available through Gloo, and if you have any questions, please contact Gloo Support.

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